LCBTA Inc. People's Choice Awards - "Excellence in Customer Service"

The Latrobe City Business Tourism Association Inc. (LCBTA Inc.) is proactively investing in the promotion of the Latrobe City and surrounds by organising and hosting the Annual LCBTA Inc. People’s Choice Awards.

The objectives of the awards are to:

  • Raise awareness of the significance of Tourism for Latrobe City to the Latrobe City Council, Business and Community.
  • Recognise businesses who have displayed “Excellence in Customer Service”.
  • To provide local operators and businesses a way to showcase their products.
  • Create networking opportunities between businesses.
  • Develop business pride, awareness and recognition.
  • Develop community pride and awareness.
  • Provide an opportunity to generate positive publicity and media exposure for both businesses participating in the Awards and those Partners who support the Awards.
  • Act as a lead into the Gippsland Business Awards or the Victorian Tourism Awards.

The Latrobe City and surrounds has a range of diverse and interesting tourism and business products.

The LCBTA Inc. is encouraging the Latrobe City community and business operators to celebrate their fantastic customer service experiences by encouraging their customers to vote for them in the LCBTA Inc. People’s Choice Awards.

In 2010 People’s Choice Awards began with 208 businesses nominated in 6 different categories, the awards have grown attracting more than 500 businesses nominated in recent years in over 14 categories. 2019 saw more than 17,000 votes and around 300 guests in attendance at the Gala evening.  The 2020 awards were not held due to COVID restrictions.


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