"The benefits of networking and business development have far reaching implications for a business which may not be apparent at the time but which reap rewards with the commitment of a business to excel and grow."

Square Kilometers


“To provide positive leadership and marketing of the Latrobe City as Gippsland’s Regional Tourism Centre to maximise the opportunities and benefits of tourism while integrating local business.”


1. Our focus is to boost visitor numbers,length of stay and visitor expenditure resulting in increased employment and growth of the regional economy.
Research and collate data to understand our market and measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


2.Provide a positive network whilst encouraging partnerships and cooperative initiatives. This will maximise the industry’s effectiveness, opportunities and benefits of tourism.
Exchange of ideas, support, familiarisation to understand our own backyard in order to encourage referrals and on-selling.


3.Embrace and collaborate with existing organisations, business and tourism operators, support business development and increase professionalism.
Cooperative marketing, packaging and business development opportunities.


4.The LCBTA will provide positive leadership and marketing of the Latrobe City as a regional hub supporting tourism in Central Gippsland.
Coordinate and represent all businesses, organisations and individuals involved and interested in business and tourism in the local area.


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Rules of the Association Latrobe City Business Tourism Association Incorporated

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